Heavy Eyes

from by Till Lungs Collapse



My eyes deny me the privilege
Of getting some shut-eye
Can't reason with this wreckage
And I'm up all night
No matter how much I try
In the morning I can't hide
My red eyes betraying
I’m not alright
So I keep like I always do
All these things locked up inside me
Don't tempt me
I’m the worst bet you could have made
I’ll take my turn and be the first to
Walk out that door
I’m trying hard to keep my self from
going down that road
Cause once I’m out
There’s no going back
Hey, no, don't throw
Everything away
We’ve come to far to let it all go
Down the fucking drain
The scent of alcohol is buried
Deep inside these walls
And nothing you could ever say
Will wash it away
Hey don't worry
You won't hear much from me
If you can't steer this ship to safety
I'll keep outta your way
There's not a presence, just your absence here
Looming in the dark
You know I've always had a weak voice
To match my weary heart
I always thought that I could speak out
And come to bear my heart
But there was no one I could reach out to
No one to hear me out
The one I tried so hard to reach
Was nowhere to be found
Just these empty eyes reflecting
The emptiness around
Despite your desperate reassuring
That everything’s alright
I saw this picture perfect coating
Of a fruit that’s rotting out
I was too petrified to do it
So I just kept on giving up
Instead of facing all my fears
I’d let the days go by
And as they passed, they took apart
Almost all that I had
Your broken will, my broken heart - have wasted half of my life
And I'm afraid to realize
I wasted all of my life


from Desuetude, released September 7, 2015



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Till Lungs Collapse Bucharest, Romania

mel/hxc from Bucharest, Romania.


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